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I have a doubt…need help cc
Posted: 16 July 2012 01:37 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Joined  2012-07-16


I live in Colombia, I see the blackjack is a little different and I want to know if I can still count cards with all restrictions. I have a couple of questions. Here they use 7 decks I was wondering if the “A blackjack card counter” app work because it doesn’t have the 7 deck option. Also the dealer burns 5 covered cards as soon as he shuffles,I don’t know why, i’m guessing its for card counters and last i see videos of blackjack in the states were the dealer throws himself 2 cards(1 covered and 1 uncovered). Here the dealer only gets 1 uncovered card.

To resume everything I want to know
1. If the 5 covered cards affect card counting, do they really matter?
2. 7 deck, can i use the a blackjack card counter app putting maybe the 6 deck or 8 deck option
3. 1 uncovered card from the dealer

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