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Marathon Session
Posted: 15 April 2012 06:36 PM   [ Ignore ]
pv apollo
Total Posts:  6
Joined  2012-04-15

Hi, New to forum and have been playing for two years now without working so I am doing something right. Total years of play 25+...last year in October played 22 hours with one meal period (to me it’s work) and it was an event night which meant large cash givaway and loads of bad gamblers…as crowded as it gets. I like Superfun and singledeck 6-5 versus the 6 deck shoe or double deck. I got stuffed $500 early on, about hour 4…had a bankroll of $1000…never got above $60 ahead and ended up walking out down $15. Why would I tell this? It was an accomplishment to be stuffed in a hole, fight with determination and not lose composure at any time to come out close to where I started and seeing dealers I saw the day before and their surprise I was still there. If I had a room I could have set a new record for myself but I had a one hour drive home and made it but very tired. The funny thing is the whole time I was keeping conversations and the way I counted then was tens and aces with observations on other numbers. Since Superfun is dealt face up it is easy for me to see that there are no 5’s or 6’s…or only one 3 and no 2’s and I use that knowledge on my next hand. Since then I now do a Hi-Lo count and still do my observation of all cards as I only need to keep the info for a short time. On six deck the Hi-Lo is the only way I can store the info and I don’t mind playing the six deck but I know I am wired for the single. Lucky for me I play at a casino where I have never seen them shuffle after a 20x or more bet by myself or others. Of course the dealers call certain people by their name (such as David, you know, the card counter) and their hobby. I won’t spoil it by revealing the name but it might slip out sometime. No real question here just like to chat about what intersts me at the time…take care, pv apollo

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