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KO system (specifically Key Count)
Posted: 02 April 2012 04:56 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Joined  2012-04-02

ok here’s my question

i am just a beginner so i hope you would understand my question and hopefully lend me some advice and explanation

so KO system is supposedly the easiest method to master since it eliminates other conversions (true counts) and therefore just keeping track of just the running count. there are 2 important numbers which are the IRC and the “KEY COUNT” and this is where it gets confusing for me. the IRC makes perfect sense since it was clearly stated and logically sound for a beginner to understand how the author/s came up with it. the “KEY COUNT” is where i get confused. according to the definition of the key count is that where you already know that you are in an advantage right? so why does the key count, for example in a single deck game, was +2. How did they came up with this +2? Isn’t it supposed to be Pivot point (+4) since you know that there are equal low cards and high cards at this point and just add 1 (+1) to have an advantage making the key count +5 in a single deck game?

i really want to understand this concept and not just rely on the information in the book without understanding it thoroughly

i would greatly appreciate any explanation regarding this matter