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Uston SS
Posted: 17 June 2014 06:00 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Joined  2014-06-17

I have a few questions about the Uston SS counting system..
Some sources say that we should multiple the number of decks in the shoe with -4 and others say we should multiple with -2, which of those is correct?
While learning Uston SS I came across this site and few rules telling what to do when you get the count over 0 or 2+, one of them is: “10 vs. X Default is HIT, unless the following:
Any number of Decks Used: DOUBLE, when Running Count is +2 or higher”.
Please tell me is that a correct way to play or should I still double 10 on everything exept hitting on 10 and A (like in basic strategy)?
Does anyone have full indices for Uston SS counting system?
Thank you..