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Need help with shuffle tracking
Posted: 06 November 2013 03:23 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Joined  2013-11-06

I need some help with shuffle tracking. I play six deck blackjack tables and have problem. I calculate all halves of decks with hi lo count system and problem is when halves are shuffled together do I just add halves counts and divide by two? Also do I need to just add and subtract new shoe numbers I calculated in last shoe? But do I need to now keep two numbers in my head at same time? I mean I start running count all over again and calculate halves again and another numbers are that which I calculated previous shoe. So basicly I mean that in first shoe I calculate all halves then when shuffling I add halves together divide by two and play those numbers I calcultated and at the same time I start counting new numbers to these deck halves I see?